The presence of vineyards and wine in the Douro region is very old, dating back to the times of Roman occupation in Douro. After losing some glow during the long Muslim rule, the cultivation of vines was renewed with the Christian Reconquest, due to the establishment of the monasteries of some religious orders in Douro. It is known, from historical records, that Douro was already then a land rich in autochthone grape varieties. There are documents that prove the existence of some of the varieties still known and used today.
Douro is a unique region that enhances many styles and many identities. Few regions in the world can be this proud to present so much diversity of identity and character, to be able to produce in the same physical space light sparkling wine, fresh and complex, as well as white wine, dense and rich, young and fruity rosé wine, or even serious red wine, meant for ageing, sweet and simple Muscatel wine, and finally Port Wine, full and generous.
In addition to an indescribable natural beauty, Douro is one of the richest regions in the diversity and quality of indigenous grape varieties, in the diversity of exhibitions and altitudes, in the endless space, in the unique way of planting mixed vineyards and in the richness of a huge heritage of old and very old vineyards. Mixed vineyards are one of the greatest assets of the Douro region for the typicality and originality of the formula.
Despite its youth, Douro managed to conquer an unquestionable place in the national and international wine scene. In little more than fifteen years, Douro has taken the internal and external leadership in what concerns the image of prestigious wine. Today Douro is recognised internally and internationally for its table wine and for the fortified ones, by the combination of Douro Wines and Port Wine.

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