You won’t certainly feel like getting into the habit of writing long and detailed descriptions about each of the wines you taste writing down dozens and dozens of tasting notes characterized by a flowery language. Surely that your life ambition is not taking notes of all the sensations that the wine conveys leaving aside the pure pleasure of enjoying a wine only to transform the act of drinking in a mere job, more or less dull, a wearing activity that bothers you as much as the others around you. Certainly you don’t want to become entangled in writing more or less pretentious tasting notes that in fact add very little to the satisfaction of drinking a wine.
The truth is that to get some pleasure out of wine it is not necessary to adopt a strange behaviour that others may perceive as ridiculous or pretentious, you do not need any harsh spitting and sipping, it is not necessary to find exquisite and imaginative ways to describe it, it is not obligatory to talk about it during the entire meal.
We can even admit that the wine is not more than the perfect accompaniment to the truly important moments in our lives, to harmonize a meal, to nourish a conversation between friends, to keep up with a good book or a moment of reflection.
The happy medium between those who are professionally dedicated to wine and those who drink without even paying attention to it, is the one that can provide you greater pleasure. In order to achieve this, to be able to enjoy the wine in its fullness, just pay attention to three fundamental aspects of wine: colour, or wine’s chromatic appearance, the odour and the taste. You can of course take notes, if you wish, especially for future memory, although this task is far from being considered essential to enjoy the wine.

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